For any rendering service you may require on the Gold Coast. Gold Coast Render offer a complete rendering service, to all homes and businesses throughout the Gold Coast and surrounding suburbs.

Gold Coast Render is an easy way to update a home and hide surface imperfections.  Render can be applied on both new and existing homes and is great for creating a modern look that is low maintenance

Whether you’re building a new home or looking to renovate. Gold Coast Render is ready and able to make sure your project is a success


Cement render is a very popular method as it can be applied to most types of brick or concrete walls. Gold Coast Render can create a smooth finish or create amazing, textured finishes depending on the look you want. Cement render is a very cost effective option to improve the look of your structure without breaking your budget.


We specialise in internal and external solid plaster. You can expect quality tradesman, providing strength and long lasting durability to your home and helping to improve the look of your structure by using solid plaster


Benefits of plastering walls; builder/owners can expect include soundproofing to their walls not present with regular drywalls. An additional bonus for choosing plastered walls will be the reduction of your heating or cooling bills. As moisture is absorbed and released when the interior temperatures change, your walls will often be naturally warmer in the winter and cooler on summer days


Acrylic render can help to repair brick, cement, clay, blue board and foam. With such a durable material, Gold Coast Render recommend using acrylic rendering on the exterior of your home as it’s less likely to crack due to its flexibility.


We take pride in all of our work! Just take a look for yourself